Our small batch, made to order bakery, delivers Pies, Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies from our door, to yours. We are fully licensed and health permitted, issued by Riverside County. Please note, we do not have a retail store and only offer delivery to your venue of choice.

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Free delivery in Palm Springs. Delivery charge to other cities throughout the Palm Springs area.

Paul & Philip


Palm Springs Pastry

       Pastry Of The Season

             Pies and Tarts

Sumptuous French Almond Cream Brule Tart

                    9-1/2" inches serves 10-12  $22.00

organic butter, organic cream, organic sugar, organic almonds & salt

Pastry: (organic unbleached flour, organic butter, mascarponi cheese, organic milk. powdered sugar & salt)

       Classic Banana Cream Pie or Tart

                   9-1/2" serves 10-12 $18.00

Fresh Pastry Cream: eggs, cream, half & half, milk, sugar, butter, flour, vanilla.  

Pastry: (Organic unbleached wheat flour, butter, mascarponi cheese sugar, vanilla, salt)

                            Roasted Sweet Potato Pie

                                          9" serves 8 $17.00

Organic roasted sweet potatoes, cream cheese, butter, brown sugar, agave, vanilla, eggs, ginger, cinnamon, maple. salt.

Pastry: (Organic unbleached flour, butter, greek yogurt, sugar, salt)