Palm Springs Pastry Company

Delivered, From Our Door, To Yours


The Patriot

The Sonoma

Beach House


Sweet Valentine

That 70's Vibe

Palm Springs Art Museum

Ombre Style

Monkey See, Monkey Do

The Black Tie Affair

Mid-Century Modern


The Wave

Flamingo Party

Pretty In Ganache!  

                 We offer Free Delivery in Palm Springs to your choice of location?

                 We charge $10.00 to Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and La Quinta

Our made to order cakes & cupcakes are stylish (Never that supermarket look) and sometimes, a little naughty. " With awesome clean ingredients

I Do, I Did, I'm Done!

      Daisy Dino               Dog Gone           Butterfly Fields            

The Rose


Flower Fields



Chili Pepper

Happy Birthday

Pure Heart

   Our cake servings are based on a 2-1/2x2" slice. The larger the slice, the less servings.

                                   Cake Sizes:  6" (serves up to 8) $35.00

                                                         9" (serves up to 16) $50.00

                                                         9-1/2" square (serves 25) $55.00

                                   Cupcakes: Standard size $35.00 per dozen.  

                                                      Adult themed $48.00  per dozen.                                             

                                   Flavors: Chocolate * Viennese Vanilla * Meyer Lemon * Red Velvet

Icing Flavors: Lemon Fluff  * Chantilly Vanilla * Chocolate Ganache * Peanut Butter Fluff

Baby Shower

Stylish, Grandma Cake

Union Jack

We formulated over a 100 special colors.

Chocolate! Chocolate! Ganache! Ganache!

            Palm Springs Glam